🛰️Risk Monitoring

Protecting Protocol Solvency through Evolving (& Volatile) Market Conditions

FluidNFT continuously monitors key metrics to enable timely data-driven decision making. These are used to classify the risk quantification of new loans as well as to make risk management decisions in response to black swan events and / or evolving market conditions.



Real-Time Appraisals

Floor, trait and token-level real-time appraisals of all supported NFT collections.

Recovery Rates

Forward-looking estimates to predict the future collaterlisation of an NFT-backed loan, and the potential loss in case of default.

Default Probability

A model to factor in the probability of a borrower defaulting on their loan; i.e. the likelihood of the protocol having to liquidate.

Wallet Analytics

Borrowing collector risk-profile analysis based on their past wallet activity, loan repayments, and current capitalisation.

Sentiment Scores

Scoring the positive / negative attitudes and opinions of both aggregated & targeted social profiles about specific collections.

Liquidity Scores

A measure of the ease with which an NFT can be bought or sold in the market without affecting its price.

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