Our Features

Get Flexible Loans While Support Creators And Safeguarding Your Collection

Creator Royalties on Loans

Creators receive royalties on every repaid loan, supporting a more sustainable creator ecosystem.

Pro-Rata Loans

Borrowers only pay interest while the loan is outstanding. Save money by repaying your loan early.

Instant Refinancing

Instantly and permissionlessly refinance loans to borrow more against an appreciated asset, make loan partial repayments, and / or get extensions on your loan.

Borrow Against Your NFT's NFTs 🤯

We support ERC6551 token accounts. Borrow against your NFT and its inventory. Save on gas and borrow against 1000s of NFTs in a single transaction.

Borrow More Against Rare NFTs

We support collection, trait and tailored NFT Oracle pricing.

Open Edition NFT Support

Borrow against either ERC721 or any amount of ERC1155 NFTs with the same user experience.

Retain NFT Utility

Claim airdrops, discord and token-gated events thanks to our integration with Delegate Cash.

Borrower-Friendly Liquidations

In the event of a liquidation, borrowers receive 90% of the auction price as compensation minus the outstanding debt. Dutch auctions with high start price multiples ensure maximum recovery.

Borrower Liquidation Protection

All loans are fixed term, which means borrowers cannot suddenly lose their NFT without warning. Furthermore, borrowers have a 1-week grace period on all loans, just in case.

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