🤩About Us

We Believe NFT Lending Can Be Used As A Force For Good

Our Mission

We are for the builders, innovators, and dreamers. We are united by our belief in the power of NFTs to change the world by aligning capital and incentives around a shared mission. We are committed to working together to build a better future for everyone.

Our Values


We put creator communities first in everything we design, build and do. We live to serve.

Innovation + Education

We believe innovation and education go hand in hand. We are constantly innovating and, more importantly, working with our users to help them take advantage while managing any risk.

Sustainable Empowerment

We focus our energy on building the tools and infrastructure necessary to help creator communities grow and prosper together - now and for the long-haul.

Our Team

Michael - CEO / CTO

4x founder, MeebitsDAO co-founder & steerCo, curator at Artizen Fund, startup mentor at Graph Paper Capital, AI research engineer, prev: JP Morgan

Homerfan - Marketing

Experienced NFT lender, NFT-Fi startup advisor & classically trained marketer, prev: Head of Marketing at Squiggle DAO and Goblin Sax

Zsofie - Protocol

Blockchain architect passionate about funding creativity & rewiring the world on-chain, prev: Lead Solidity dev at Artizen Fund and Linum Labs

Pablo - Interface

Ex Silicon-valley principal front-end engineer with 15+ years experience building for growth

Fnkl - Community

Socials & Community Manager at Squiggle DAO, with 10+ years experience in community management

Iñigo - Design

Senior UI & Product Designer with 15+ years experience designing human-centric UX

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